Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Gifts from the Earth


We proudly use and retail 100% pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils at Skin Care & Body Work Day Spa.

Discover the finest and freshest therapeutic grade essential oils available at Skin Care & Body Work Day Spa.

We proudly incorporate these Essential Oils into the services we offer. Our Essential Oils offer only the finest and freshest Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. There are no fillers, synthetics, fragrances, perfumes, pesticides etc., just 100% pure Essential Oil.

Essential Oils can can be used in the home for many health benefits, for cleaning and to naturally flavor food. Essential Oils can have a profound impact on people’s emotional health as well as physical health.

These oils are produced using ethical farming methods- which includes their processes for sourcing, growing, harvesting, and distilling of their oils. When you use these oils, you’re not only helping yourself and your family, you’re helping the farmers and their communities that provide the plants.

If you would like to learn more about these Essential Oils and the many ways they can help you:

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