Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams, LMT / Health Advisor

image3Samantha is a licensed Massage Therapist and Health Advisor graduating from The National Holistic Institute in Studio City, CA in 2012. She has worked closely with a chiropractor for 6+ years and is now expanding her passion further into the spa atmosphere.

Samantha believes that we all deserve to be nurtured and allowed to heal. Her philosophy is based on the belief that our bodies work for us constantly. They protect us physically, mentally, and emotionally which can create some aches during our life’s journey. It’s not only the massage itself that helps to soothe the body from stress, but more importantly the intention and trust built between the therapist and the client. Without trust, there’s less room for movement and massage is all about moving through whatever causes us to become stuck either physically and/or mentally.
While using unconditional, loving intention, Samantha helps her clients to heal. When positive energy is moved from therapist and openly received by the client, it creates a safe space for healing.

Every person is different and therefore every massage session is unique and formulated to each individual need. Modalities used alone and together include Deep Tissue, Sports, MFT, Thai, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Lymphatic Drainage and more.